Savana's Top Five Winter Woolies

Savana's Top Five Winter Woolies

Kate McNamara

Brace yourselves ladies. Snow has been forecast for the upcoming weekend. I took a while for the cold to get here with unusually temperate weather but it looks like it is finally time to crack out the winter woolies. 

Here are our top five picks for updating your cosy winter wardrobe:

1. Fransa's Obcarma Biscuit Coloured Roll Neck


Fransa Obcarma Rollneck Biscuit
This jumper is beautiful. It is warm, it is cosy and it's neutral shade means it will go with everything. This can be paired with colourful skirts, patterned trousers or dark skinnies. It is phenomenally wearable. 
You can find it available to purchase here.
2. Whitestuff Rail Lines Cardi Midnight Mauve
Whitestuff Rail Lines Cardi Midnight Mauve
Every winter wardrobe needs a long sleeve cardigan and this mauve coloured cardigan from White Stuff is very versatile. Once again it's neutral shade means it will complement any outfit and can be worn casually or for work. It is crafted from a light soft fabric which means your coat will actually fit on over it!
This white stuff cardigan is available to buy here.
3. White Stuff Cha Cha Sweater Grey/Pink
White Stuff Cha Cha sweater
I feel I am much too Irish to call a jumper a sweater but I'l give it a go here. This sweater is lively and fun. It is exactly the type of thing you want to be wearing when browsing the Christmas markets or supping on a cheeky hot toddy by a fireside.  Knitted from a thick wool mix with a textured boucle finish this lively jumper is decorated with brightly coloured stripes and polka dots and finished with a contrasting inner neck trim. #want
This sweater is available to buy online here.
4. Brakeburn Stripe Sleeve Tunic Dress
Brakeburn Stripe Sleeve Tunic Dress
Here at Savana we like a bit of variety in our wardrobe and a tunic dress is a nice alternative to the jumper and jeans combo that is our winter staple. The Brakeburn Stripe Sleeve Tunic Dress is a flattering long sleeved knitted ladies dress in an  easy to wear style that can be layered over tights, leggings or skinny jeans for relaxed comfortable style.

This dress is available to buy here.
5. White Stuff Level Stripe Jumper
level stripe jumper
This is my favourite. I LOVE a striped jumper.More than that, I love a striped jumper with three quarter length sleeves and a contrasting coloured neckline. This is my ultimate jumper. It is chic and timeless and available to buy online here.

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Survivors Guide to Christmas Shopping in Carlow

Survivors Guide to Christmas Shopping in Carlow

Kate McNamara

Halloween has passed, we are now officially allowed to talk about Christmas. We all know the key to a successful Christmas is planning. Or failing to plan and rocking in to Carlow town Christmas eve cursing the spread out nature of the shops. We have come up with a fool proof guide to shopping in Carlow town centre whether weeks in advance or on Christmas Eve at 5pm. 

Step 1 - Parking

There is ample parking in the town centre both in Penneys carpark and at the Potato Market. Both of with, coincidentally are right next door to Savana Boutique.

You can find us right across the road from the Liberty Tree.  

Carlow town centre

 Step 2 - Shopping for the Men in Your Life

Detail Menswear  is approximately two minutes walk from where you parked the car and it has a wide range of menswear for dapper dudes of all ages. They also do gift vouchers if you are drawing a blank or don't feel particularly thrilled with the idea of choosing your uncle's drawers.

Detail Menswear

 Step 3 - Shopping for the Babies & Children in Your Life

Once again located near to your parking spot you will find Nursery Rhymes beside the Potato Market on Kennedy Avenue. Nursery Rhymes don't just have nursery equipment they also have a wide range of beautiful gifts, clothes and toys

 Nursery Rhymes Carlow

 Step 4 - Shopping for The Women in Your Life

Needless to say here at Savana Boutique we have a wonderful range of stock for Christmas for women of all ages. We are getting lots of new stock in over the coming weeks which will make ideal stocking fillers including items like hats, scarves, gloves, purses and giftsets. Check our facebook page for updates.We also have a really fabulous range of cosy winter jumpersand now also stock footwear. A personal favourite of mine is this cosy biscuit jumper by Fransa with an asymetrical pattern. It is toasty and looks super with a jeans and boot combo or layered over a skirt and tights.

Fransa jumper

 Step 5 - Refuel, to Sustain Your life

Now, have a break and go have a delicious lunch to congratulate yourself on such a successful shopping trip. We highly recommend BeaNice on Dublin St. Check out their facebook page for their daily specials. 

Perhaps you would like a little more tranquility with your lunch? You could pop up to Lennons at the Visual which is located in one of the prettiest areas in Carlow's town centre.


 Step 6 - Thanks Penneys.

The Neighbour you don't know that well but always drops over a tin of biscuits. Penneys. Your daughter's boyfriends' parents. Penneys. Your dog. Penneys. Everyone else you have ever met. Penneys.

Penneys Carlow



Step 7 - Go home and put your feet up.

Go home and put your feet up safe in the knowledge that do sell online in case you have forgotten anyone.


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The Perfect Jacket for an Irish November

The Perfect Jacket for an Irish November

Kate McNamara

I am looking out the window on the most blustery of blustery days, contemplating going for a walk. I'm thinking to myself "What jacket will I wear? It's miserable outside but it's not cold." I think of the poor auld tourists I see wandering around the streets of Kilkenny with their inappropriate autumn / winter wear. Poor them. They never stood a chance. They are either kitted out for a full on hike up Mount Everest in their all weather, all terrain gear or are sweltering in those those massive padded ski jackets that resemble the lagging jacket in my hotpress.

They don't know the intricacies of dressing for Irish weather you see. At this time of the year we need a jacket that will stand the wind that blows you sideways, that can handle a mist or a downpour and is both cosy and lightweight. May I present to you Seasalt's Seafolly Jacket.

This bestselling Seafolly Jacket from Seasalt is inspired by a traditional fisherman’s mac, but with a feminine twist. See, it really is both fashionable and practical. Waterproof, windproof and breathable raincoat, with toggle and rope fastening, deep pockets, generous hood, and the softest cotton jersey body and hood lining.

Nautical but nice!

We have them in stock from size 10 to 16 and in a range of different colours. See our full Seasalt clothing range here.

Seasalt Seafolly Jackets


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Wardrobe Spring Clean

Kate McNamara

Spring is here, or so my kids tell me! And its time to clear out the wardrobe. Be ruthless - if you haven't worn it in the last six months, bag it up and give it to someone who will wear it or to charity. Its really therapeutic and makes choosing what to wear in morning much easier. 

Add some colour to your wardrobe with a cardigan or tunic that you can layer over long sleeve tee's for warmth cause lets face it its freezing outside. 

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