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      Spring Summer 2023

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      4 products

      Salsa Jeans at Savana Ireland

      Founded in 1994 in Portugal, Salsa Jeans is a company specializing in the development and creation of ultra-comfortable jeans.

      What distinguishes the brand from other jeans brands is the cuts and style suiting different shapes. But making sure that the customers feel comfortable and look fantastic.

      The success of Salsa Jeans to establish itself as one of the most comfortable denim brands lies in the production and fabric.

      The brand replaces the well-known method of washing denim with the help of stones, which allows saving up to 62% of the water used. Almost 100% of Salsa denim is produced by local suppliers in northern Portugal, which minimizes the impact on the environment.

      There are plenty of reasons for you to love the new Push In Secret washes, With a high waist and tummy-tuck effect, they highlight your silhouette and boost your self-esteem. They give you the confidence you want to have in all your look.

      The 'Secret' Skinny and Slim styles give a fantastic shape without compromising on comfort.